LCA Background Check

The Charter requires that all adults need to complete a background check (this is separate from the background check performed by AHG for members) and MinistrySafe training course. These are good for 2 years from the date of completion. If you already have a background check and MinistrySafe training on file with LCA that is current, you do not need to complete these steps. Unsure? Email us at and we'll check for you!

  1. Visit & enter your name, email, phone and hit submit
  2. Complete all sections (you can skip the Referral Section) and hit next
  3. Skip employment information and hit next > Skip Reference Entry and hit next
  4. Under the question “Where would you like to volunteer?” Enter American Heritage Girls
  5. Select Tuesday for day of the week and the times of 2:30-4:30 (this is just for meetings and does not bind you to volunteer at these times)
  6. Complete the rest of the form and submit. Once submitted you can close out of the browser. There is no need to click “Add My Availability.” You will receive the following email from PayCom.
  7. Please allow a few days for a follow up email from with the subject line “Welcome to Paycom's Enhanced Background Check!” When you open the email, you do NOT need to install the app. Simply click the link at the bottom of the email. Example below.
  8. You will be asked to verify your link via cell phone via a 6 digit code to add for security. Enter and click verify. Allow the page to load. It may appear blank when launched but should load 19 pages when completely loaded.
  9. Once completed, you will receive the page below.
  10. After a few days, you should receive an email from with your results along with an email for MinistrySafe Training.

    Questions or issues? We're here to help! Just contact
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